4 Reasons PDR Should Be Your #1 Mitchell Hail Repair Method | Dent Force

Dents, nobody likes them, especially car owners. If you’ve spent north of $10k on a car, you know the feeling when a child moves to within 5 feet of your precious vehicle with a sharp object in his hands. Imagine the damage that a child can do to your vehicle. Now visualize the amount of damage hailstorms can wreak on a car.

The Quick and Affordable Dent Repair Method

If you have been reading this, it is probably because you want to know how to fix the damage done to your vehicle by hail. PDR is the mantra of auto-body shops when it comes to restoring dents. PDR stands for paintless dent repair.

A few reasons Dent Force are the #1 Mitchell hail repair experts.

  1. Our Mitchell hail repair team use non-invasive tools and techniques. You won’t see any climbing insurance rates or mismatched paint with us.
  2. Unlike body shops, we don’t need to remove parts or panels.
  3. Since we don’t affect your paint job your car’s value won’t be affected in any way. This is perfect if you’re looking to resell your vehicle.
  4. We get results fast. Our Mitchell hail repair experts have incredibly quick turnarounds so you can make the most of your week. Expect 30 minutes to a few hours for a single dent, and up to a week for hail damage.

PDR is cost-effective because this method does not require a paint job and it is much cheaper to carry out this process. In addition, because the tools required to carry out PDR are relatively inexpensive, the total costs are reduced.

Another reason PDR is quite inexpensive is that PDR technicians do not need a large workspaces or expensive instruments to work. Therefore, labor and overhead costs are lowered. Dent Force are your Mitchell hail repair experts! We are the best option for minor dings and hail damage. Call us at 605-988-7798 for a free quote!