Quick Tips for Your First Hail Storm | Sioux Falls Auto Hail Repair

Your first hail storm is always extremely stressful, but one repair method can save car owners a ton in time and money. Paintless dent repair takes the anxiety out of repairing hail dents. Hail damage often consists of circular dents on the body of the car, and more often there are many dents as opposed to one. There are many Sioux Falls auto hail repair methods out there, but none are as effective or efficient as PDR!

What Makes PDR So Effective?

PDR is a Sioux Falls auto hail repair process that fixes your existing body panels without sacrificing your flawless paint finish. Traditional body shops might remove and replace damaged panels and then match their paint to the rest of the car. This can cost drivers a lot of money in parts and shipping fees. However, PDR eliminates those costs without forfeiting fast turnarounds. Furthermore, PDR skirts the possibility of splotchy paint jobs. Finally, PDR is less invasive and extreme than traditional body shop repairs, so it doesn’t show up on service reports and is trusted by many insurance companies.

Sioux Falls Auto Hail Repair: Step By Step

Our Sioux Falls auto hail repair process is very simple. First, our professional technicians use fluorescent lights to locate dents based on the shadows they create; then each dent is marked with lead or a piece of tape. Next, after all dents are identified, small hammers and other tools are used to slowly apply pressure to the back of the dent. This pressure carefully works out dents, restoring the body panel to its original condition.

When it comes to Sioux Falls auto hail repair, Delta Dents is the best there is! With all its advantages, it’s tough to argue against it. We’re efficient, affordable, and trusted by many insurance providers. If you have hail damage, consider choosing PDR in Sioux Falls to make your car look as good as new.