Sioux Falls paintless dent repair is the best option for fixing dent and ding. Here are some reasons why you should choose PDR:

Quality of Repair

PDR by Dentforce does not use fillers, primers, and paints in hiding the damage of your vehicle. Professional techs can unbelievably remove the dent and ding on your car permanently. It is as if the damage has not occurred in the first place.


Typically, PDR by Sioux Falls paintless dent repair costs two to five times lesser than having a bodywork and repainting job. Most insurance companies approve PDR, hence you can file a claim for the damage. However, most repairs are very affordable. In fact, it’s only a fraction of your deductible amount from your insurance. This means that there’s no need of filing a claim. Also, there won’t be any increase in your insurance premiums.

Quick Service

PDR can be done in just one to two hours. Unlike in body shops wherein you have to wait for days or even weeks. You can go shopping, have lunch or play golf, and by the time you’re done, Sioux Falls Paintless Dent Repair is done fixing your dent and ding.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Sioux Falls paintless dent repair offers free estimates. They want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the repair. PDR is one of the most trusted processes used by insurance companies, car dealerships, car manufacturers, rental car agencies, and vehicle owners all over the world.

Retains the Resale Value

PDR by Sioux Falls paintless dent repair is considered as one of the most cost-effective solutions for dent repair. Best of all, your vehicle will be able to retain its original finish. Consequently, you can also retain the resale value of your vehicle in case you are planning to sell your vehicle in the future.

Restores the Original Appearance

PDR is the only type of dent repair that can restore the original appearance of your vehicle. It does not use body filler, primer, or painting. This means that there is no risk of faulty color matching. Paintless dent repair by Sioux Falls paintless dent repair does not involve harmful chemicals which can cause pollution.  Hence, this method is environmentally safe.