Fast Qualified Dent Repair in Yankton, South Dakota | Dent Force

A dent is nobody’s business except yours and the technician’s. If you want discreet service, we’ll make your dents disappear. You won’t even know they were there! Through the magic of paintless dent repair, Dent Force will make your vanish without a trace!

Fast Qualified Service

When it comes to dent repair in Yankton, Dent Force are your leading professionals. Body damage can be expensive, especially when it’s just one little dent. Many body shops tend to stick to their traditional methods that involve filler and sanding, even when it comes to minor dents. This can raise costs and turnarounds times. Dent Force sticks to the tried and true method of paintless dent repair (PDR). PDR allows us to bring you affordable high quality repairs faster than ever before!

Before PDR techniques gained mainstream popularity the primary form of dent repair was the same as traditional body shops. This means you could wait up to a week or more to have a tiny ding filled and covered. With PDR a small ding can be removed in under an hour!

These same body shop methods can also cost you in overhead expenses. The filler and paint they use to hide the dent aren’t cheap. In comparison, PDR is only a fraction of the price AND you get to keep your original factory paint!

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Many Yankton customers are drawn to paintless dent repair for its low costs and quick turnarounds. However, the most appealing feature are its non-invasive methods. PDR is one of few repair processes that can actually maintain and restore your factory paint finish. Your car is never more valuable than when it has its original factory paint. Therefore, you should keep a flawless finish so you get the most bang for your buck when it comes time to trade in.