How Sioux Falls PDR Compares to Other Body Shop Dent Repair Methods

There are a number of dent repair methods out there. Sioux Falls body shop repairs, remove and replace, and paintless dent repair are all common forms of auto body repair. While they all have their advantages, paintless dent repair seems to rise above the rest. Severe damage typically requires body shop services, but most dents are best left to PDR experts.

Traditional Body Repair Methods

Traditional Sioux Falls body shop repairs can be expensive and time-consuming. The process of filling then painting over the dent and finally blending the spot in with the rest of your car can be very inefficient. The supplies used for these repairs can add to your bill, and paint can take a long time to dry, leaving you without a car often for several weeks.


The remove and replace method of dent repair is very straight forward. It involves removing the dented body panel and replacing it with a new one. If the damage is extremely bad then outright replacing the part is often the best option. However, remove and replace can get expensive for smaller dents, as you must account for the cost of the part itself, the shipping, and the installation. There is also the slight possibility that your part isn’t available or is expensive and difficult to find.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair’s simple process makes it faster and more affordable than both processes remove/replace and body shops in many cases. Sioux Falls body shop technicians first identify each dent, then use small tools to create pressure and work out the dents. PDR does not involve fillers, paint, or replacement parts, which allows for lower costs and less wait time for car owners.
PDR in is arguably the best option for dent repair. People don’t want to spend their money or time on car repairs in the first place, so having a cheap, quick, and quality option for dent repair like PDR is excellent. Ask your Sioux Falls body shop technicians if paintless dent repair will work for your auto damage.