5 Benefits Of A Paintless Dent Repair Shop

Car repairs can be stressful, but a quality paintless dent repair shop can make the headache disappear. Other forms of dent repair can be expensive and leave you without a car for up to weeks on end. PDR has several advantages over traditional methods of dent repair, making it the obvious choice for your dent repair needs.

1. Small environmental footprint

Traditional dent repair’s putties, fillers, and paints all release harmful gases into the atmosphere. PDR does not make use of such products, making it an environmentally friendly repair process.

2. Low cost

PDR’s unique process eliminates the need for paint and replacement parts, which can be costly. It’s arguably the best dent repair you can get for the cost.

3. Little wait time

Paintless dent repair shops take little time to complete repairs, as there are fewer steps involved in PDR than traditional dent repairs. To complete repairs, PDR technicians just need to access the back of the damaged panel and use tools to create pressure and carefully work out dents. Other dent repair methods involve paint and fillers, which can take time to dry and set before repairs are truly finished.

4. Stays off service reports

Traditional dent repair can be extreme depending on the damage, causing it to show up on service reports. PDR’s process allows it to stay off service reports, which can be better for the resale value of your car.

5. Covered by insurance

PDR is a reliable process that’s been around for decades, so it is trusted and covered by many insurance companies.

If you’re searching quality repairs, reasonable rates, and fast turnarounds, then find a trustworthy paintless dent repair shop. PDR is widely available and is sure to give you the quality repairs you’re looking for without the price tag of traditional repairs. This process has so many advantages that it just makes sense to choose for your dent repair.