The 4 Pillars of a Quality Dent Company | Brookings Auto Repair

Your car needs the same maintenance and attention as your body. Many people are left disappointed by their automobiles when they least expect it. Keeping your vehicle in top shape goes beyond making sure you have enough gas in the tank. Many vehicle owners throughout Brookings rely on our paintless auto repair service.

Our professional dent repair technicians possess the required expertise in repairing all forms of vehicles that include domestic, European, and Asian makes and models. Dent Force pays attention to every detail about your vehicle. We offer paintless dent repair services both private and commercially. Our variety of work involves us with many individual customers as well as auto groups and car dealerships.

Here are some of the reasons why many vehicle owners in the Brookings area prefer us.


Integrity is a rare virtue among any Brookings auto repair shop. Many auto repair places can take advantage of their customers by demanding high prices for inferior services. Some would go to the extent of demanding money for parts that are not fully repaired. However, at Dent Force, our work speaks for us.


Our technicians are competent, with the required certifications and experience to handle every auto-repair task. In addition, they are continually exposed to new ways of carrying out auto-repair works.

Time consciousness

We are mindful of the needs of our customers. Turnarounds are prompt, and we always put in the extra effort to provide the most accurate quote possible. That way we are always on the same page with our clients and you never feel as though you are treated unfairly. This saves everybody time and money in the long run.

Customer friendly

Our Brookings auto repair experts are always friendly and courteous. We take special care to create an atmosphere where you can ask questions or raise concerns. Our staff always takes the time to clarify and sort out any customer conflicts.

Regardless of the dent or ding your car has suffered, with the Dent Force you always have Brookings auto repair options. Our integrity, competence, time-consciousness, and customer friendliness make us the number one auto repair center in Brookings!