A Reliable and Affordable Way to Fix Dents | Brookings Hail Repair

Not all Brookings hail repair is expensive and time-consuming. Paintless dent repair is the best way to get your dents removed quickly and affordably, and it’s available near you.
Choosing PDR for Brookings hail repair means choosing a reliable process that’s been around for decades.

Don’t Just Hide Dents, Remove Them

PDR is unique in that instead of filling in dents with putty to cover them, technicians remove dents completely, leaving a smooth surface. This process is better for the environment than traditional dent repair, as it does not use putties that release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Repairs That Hold Up

PDR is also much better for your car in the long run than traditional forms of dent repair. Dent repair done with putty doesn’t hold up as well long-term as complete dent removal does, due to typical wear and tear. Moreover, PDR doesn’t show up on service reports like other forms of hail repair might, helping your car’s resale value stay as high as possible. Specifically for Brookings hail repair, PDR is the way to go. PDR’s durability will allow your car to stay flawless for years to come, as opposed to traditional hail repair.

Brookings Hail Repair

Because hail leaves so many small dents, it can be a long, tough process to get them all filled in with putty and painted over. PDR technicians work quickly on hail repair projects, as they don’t need more than their dent removal tools and hands to complete the work. This also helps keep costs low, as drivers aren’t paying for the use of extra supplies like paint and fillers.
Furthermore, the lack of paint use allows for a timely process. Painting takes a long time, with sanding, primers, paint, and dry time. All of that is eliminated with PDR.
Save yourself time and money by choosing PDR for Brookings hail repair.