Pros and Cons of Sioux Falls Body Shop Dent Repair

With so many options for dent repair, it’s important to make an informed decision. PDR, remove and replace, and traditional dent repair are just some of the methods out there. How do you know what’s right for you?
Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each dent repair method can really help you narrow down your choices. To get you started, we’ve explored the pros and cons of traditional dent repair at a Sioux Falls body shop.
Traditional dent repair essentially consists of sanding, fillers, and painting and is used for dents that contain paint chips. Technicians sand your dent and feather the paint around it, then fill it with putty and paint over it to match the rest of your vehicle. Here are the major pros and cons of getting traditional dent repair at a Sioux Falls body shop.


• Can work out dents even where the paint is damaged
• Can cover a wide variety of services beyond dent repair


• Is more expensive than other types of dent repair, such as PDR
• Can be an extensive process
• Won’t keep your factory finish intact
• Is not environmentally friendly due to paint and fillers
• Shows up on service reports

Traditional dent repair at a Sioux Falls body shop does have its pros, but when it comes to minor dents and dings PDR can’t be matched. Body shops provide many important services besides dent repair that drivers can’t live without. However, paintless dent repair is more efficient, affordable, and does not show up on service reports. PDR triumphs in the areas traditional dent repair does not and is worth looking into. Everything has its pros and cons, but PDR seems to have more pros than cons. The next time you need dent repair, consider PDR over traditional body shop repairs.