Sioux Falls offers a variety of options for dent repair, but the smartest drivers choose PDR. Paintless dent repair is one of the most trustworthy dent repair methods available for a few reasons. Its low cost and high speed compared to other forms of dent repair make it the best choice for any car.
Other forms of dent repair can take weeks of time to complete, leaving you without a car. Sioux Falls paintless dent repair can be completed in just a few hours depending on the nature of the dent. With that time, you could just go out to eat and have your dent-free car ready for pickup when you’re done. Some companies even offer mobile PDR that can come right to you at your home or office, only adding to the convenience of this dent removal method.

Body Shops Use Expensive Materials and Invasive Methods

Sioux Falls paintless dent repair is cost-effective because it does not require extensive labor or expensive supplies. Traditional dent repair may fill in your dents with putty and cover it with paint, and these supplies all cost money. In the cost of your repairs, you’ll be helping pay to replace those supplies for the body shop.

Paintless Dent Repair is Quick and Non-Invasive

PDR does not use fillers or paint to cover dents. Instead, technicians push or pull dents out of car body panels using special tools like hammers, glue guns, and pull tabs. The streamlined process of PDR also helps cut down on wait time, a huge plus for drivers.

If you’re thinking about dent removal in Sioux Falls, think paintless dent repair. PDR is the ideal method of dent repair for many vehicles and should be your top choice in dent removal. It’s inexpensive, fast, and perfect for dents that don’t contain paint chips. Sound like the damage on your car? Ask your auto technician about paintless dent repair today.