Located in what’s known as Hail Alley, South Dakota is one of the most frequent victims of hail damage in the United States. Storms that wreck cars and infrastructure drift across the Plains states and head toward the U.S.-Canada border, passing right over Sioux Falls, SD.

Preparation is Key

You can repair hail damaged cars in Sioux Falls, but being prepared and avoiding the damage altogether is easier than fixing it. One of the best ways to prep for a storm is to simply be aware that one is coming. Knowing the times of the year when hail is most likely to fall is the first step in storm preparation.

When Does Hail Season Start?

Hail forms most easily in late spring and early summer when the air is hot and moist. May is when hail is most prevalent in the Southwest, and in June, the number of hailstorms peaks in the whole country. Sioux Falls residents should be on the lookout for hailstorms during both May and June.

But, don’t let your guard down on July 1st. Hail tends to form in humid weather, so July and August still pose the threat of hail. As temperatures begin to cool in September, the risk of hail lessens and stays low throughout the winter.

Always Be Ready

If you’re concerned about potential car hail damage, keep up with the weather from May to August. These months are the prime time for hail and are when you’re the most likely to get auto hail damage. It’s best to know a PDR team in case your hail damaged car needs repair in Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls Hail Damaged Car Repair

Even if you’re glued to The Weather Channel, a hail storm could take you by surprise. Dent Force are the leading experts in hail damaged car repair in Sioux Falls. The best method for hail dent repair is PDR, or paintless dent repair. It’s a car repair process that’s great for hail damage in Sioux Falls, as it’s quick and lower cost than many other forms of hail repair. If your car does accumulate some hail damage, consider paintless dent repair for your dent removal.