A nasty hail storm can make you feel helpless in a hundred different ways. With no protection like a garage or carport it’s very easy for your vehicle to be severely damaged or even totaled. So the question is, what can you do to prevent hail damage? Dent Force provides the fastest quality paintless dent repair service in Sioux Falls. So, who better to give you advice on surviving the hail season than the pros themselves?

Get A Carport For Your Car

If you do not have a carport yet, then be sure to get one. Invest in a carport that can protect your car from hail. This can save you a lot of money. Some states are hail prone areas. You should investigate if you are living in one of these states. In this way, you can evaluate your parking options in order to avoid Sioux Falls hail damage.

Find A Covered Parking

If you do not have a carport in your home, then you should look for a temporary shelter that can protect your car. You can park your car in the local malls. The most important thing is you must be aware when the hail storm will hit. In case you are driving when the hail storm is brewing, then you should look for a covered parking right away. You can use the GPS on your car or smartphone in searching for a covered parking near your location.

Cover Your Car

You can either buy a car cover or use blankets in covering your car. If you don’t have enough budget for the carport, then the best option is to get something that can cover your car. There are car covers that are specially made for protecting your car against Sioux Falls hail damage. Another option is to use blankets. Use a duct tape to secure them.

Secure A Comprehensive and Rental Coverage

If you are leaving in a state where hail typically occurs, then you should get a comprehensive and rental coverage from your insurance company. This can help you in paying for Sioux Falls hail damage. Also, for the rental car that you will be using while your car is being repaired.

Keep Yourself Updated

It is always a good idea to stay up-to-date with the weather conditions. Listen to the latest weather reports especially when a hail storm hits. This can keep you safe and make wise decisions in order to prevent Sioux Falls hail damage.

Finally, you should look for a paintless dent repair team that can give you a fast service. Dent Force can completely remove your hail damage. For your free quote, just call us at 605-988-7798. We offer you reasonable prices and high-quality results.