Sioux Falls Hail Repair Options For A Damaged Car

Most car owners have experienced a hail storm. Every year thousands of insurance claims are filed due to hail damage. The damage can range from only a few superficial dents and dings to an absolutely totaled mess. Due to the extent of the damage, you will probably require the expertise of a professional technician. Your two most common options are the trustworthy body repair tech, or a paintless dent repair expert.

Paintless Dent Repair

PDR is one of the most popular methods for Sioux Falls hail repair. Our technicians specialize in using a variety of tools and techniques to clean up the surface of your car. First is the push method. In order to push a dent out you need to gain access to the back of the dent. Then we use precise ‘knock back’ tools to gently reshape the metal. The other option is to pull the dent using glue or suction. Most often we combine both techniques to produce the clearest results. Many customers can’t even tell there was a dent to begin with!

Paintless dent repair is a very effective technique for Sioux Falls hail repair. However, it can only be used if the paint surface of your car is still smooth. Make sure that the paint is not cracked or scratched. Also, check for torn metals or sharp edges. If there are any, then you should opt for the second method which is to use a body filler.

Body Shops

Body shops are another excellent dent repair option if your paint is cracked or damaged. Dents can be fixed by filling it up with a body filler. This is proven to be a reliable option for hail repair. There are different types of body filler to choose from. Lightweight body filler is specifically designed for small dents. On the other hand, for large dents, a heavy-duty body filler will be used. Keep in mind that body filler is an expensive material that doesn’t come out of the repair tech’s pocket. You’ll be charged for labor and resources accordingly. This makes body shops a little less enticing for minor damage.

Paintless Dent Repair vs Body Filler

PDR is highly recommended for minor Sioux Falls hail repair. It’s cost effective, eco-friendly, and works wonders on the resale potential of your ride. To get your free quote, just call Dent Force at 605-988-7798.